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 Lease to Own, Also Known As Rent to Own, Can Connect You With Many Prospective Buyers
Lease to Own Rent to Own

The reality is this: Approximately 82% of potential home buyers are unable to get conventional loans, but there are many people out there with good incomes who have had life events or other challenges that have caused their credit to go down, i.e. divorce, death in the family, etc. Often times, folks who are self-employed need "seasoning" to show banks that they are able to cover the cost of a mortgage. For these people, Lease to Own (Rent to Own) is an excellent way to secure their future home while they build their credit with the bank.

At Florida Cash Offer, we vet and enroll these individuals in an obligated credit repair program to get them mortgage ready, typically in 12-18 months. Also, you pay no commissions or marketing fees to sell the house.

Your Solution: Sell your house to us on terms and leverage our 3 options to get full value and less headaches.

Option 1: Lease Purchase- this is by far the most commonly used option. We pay you a set monthly amount with a predetermined cash out date.

Why Should I Sell My Home Through The Perfect Tenant Program?

  • Short and simple answer, it works! Typically we have a TB (Tenant Buyer) in less than 30 days.
  • We are 100% responsible for maintenance, repairs etc. after 30 days.
  • Lock in your profit now and safe guard against market fluctuations.
  • You can get full market value, or we even pay a premium for houses “free and clear”
  • This works with little to no equity, if you're over leveraged or even behind in payments.
  • No commission or fees out of your pocket, we even pay closing costs.
  • We pay the mortgage even if there's a vacancy.

**You are responsible for your insurance if it's not included in the mortgage payment. If you don't have a mortgage it will change from a home owner's policy to a simple landlord policy which will reduce your cost slightly.

Option 2: Cooperative Lease Option- this option is where we simply procure a highly qualified tenant buyer for you and assign the contract between you and the TB. We collect the assignment fee and are essentially out of the deal completely, although we will be available if future help is needed.

Why Lease Options?

  • Short and simple, it works! Typically we have a TB in less than 30 days.
  • Tenant buyer is responsible for basic maintenance and repairs.
  • Pays the mortgage and creates cash flow.
  • Effectively sells the property and creates a win-win.
  • Locks in a price and safe guards against market fluctuations.

Option 3: Owner Financing- You will create a 1st mortgage note and we will pay principle only payments with a predetermined date for a balloon payment.

Why Owner Finance?

  • We often pay above market price.
  • Creates cash flow without being a landlord.
  • We assume responsibility for all maintenance and repairs.
  • Tax advantages (please refer to your CPA)

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**Every deal is different so the above examples are generic in their explanation