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Homes we buy in the St.Petersburg/Clearwater/Tampa Bay area differ situation to situation. From water damage to fire damage, from tax liens to code violations. Each and every property can and will present their own unique problems and circumstances.

Here is a short list of possible problems you or someone you know could need a quick cash solution for their property: Pre-foreclosure (depends on the bank and timeline), vacant, code violations, tax lien, bad tenants, squatters (we get them out!), water damage, fire damage, estate settlements ie divorce, inheritance ( by the way, we'll pay the probate fees) etc.

Typically in the above examples homeowners are looking to liquidate and move on. Which is why selling to Florida Cash Offer is almost always your best solution in the above examples. If you're ready to sell quickly, for cash, fill out the form below and we can get started.

Need More Options?

Now, what we believe separates us from most “cash buyers” is we offer more options than most. If you have a house you believe is more suited for a retail environment, you have little to no equity or you just don't want to pay commissions or closing costs please refer to our Rent to Own Program HERE.

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